We’re sorry we can’t offer any warranties on the items we order for you. Here are some of the reasons.

 1. We don’t actually sell the items, the items are sold by retailers online and we just orderIT on your behalf.

2. Some of the items don’t have warranties that are upheld in Trinidad and Tobago and can only be claimed if sent back to the US. That’s a risk everyone takes when they order things online. However most times the items are good and Amazon is understanding and you can try to get a replacement.

3. Everything that is purchased in the US usually has a US only warranty and countries like Trinidad and Tobago fall under Latin America which often carries different warranty stipulations that are either unclear or hard to access.

What are some of the items that actually have warranties upheld in Trinidad and Tobago?

1. The only brand of laptops we know for sure is Lenovo. Memory Bank Computers usually honours the warranty of laptops that are bought in the US. Once the warranty checker says its within warranty we have seen them fix anything that they are given.

2. For phones only certain Samsung phones get their warranty upheld in Trinidad and Tobago. Diamond Systems seems to be authorized to uphold the warranty but we have seen many occasions where the type of phone can’t be fixed due to it not being an international model. We could be wrong and there may be some info that we don’t know, but in our experience it’s been a hit or miss.

What happens if you orderIT from us and it comes faulty?

1. We will do the best that we can to contact the seller and try to activate whatever warranty is available. If its an item that has a local warranty we will direct you to the local company. If it’s international and we need to contact the online retailer (eg. Amazon) we will do so and keep you up to date on what they say. You will of course have to provide all the details, pictures and videos to prove the case because these are the most important things when claiming something is faulty.

2. If the item has to be returned to the US before they send back a new one we will facilitate once you are willing to pay the shipping costs.

3. If no warranty is available we will try to send you to a technician that is capable of handling the issue in Trinidad and Tobago.


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