Make Information Technology Simple

simple solutions in a complex world

simple solutions in a complex world

simple solutions in a complex world





The only place with the most comprehensive CAPE and CSET IT and Computer science resources on the internet.

Thousand upon thousands of students receive everything they need from the free resources provided on a yearly basis.

Classes for all levels and multiple options bases on your budget.

Every class is recorded and the resources in the classroom are available to student who join classes later.

Simply the best online IT tuition in the Caribbean.


A one stop app that allows you to access all the best video resources for CSEC & CAPE subjects.

It contains videos, tutorials, past paper solutions, PDFs, and external links organized by topic and playlists with descriptions.

You can watch videos consecutively in curated playlists and access relevant PDFs for deeper understanding.

Students can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere and even use the app without creating an account.

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A one stop app that helps shoppers choose the best online items to buy from a Caribbean perspective. 

The items are heavily curated and placed largely based on the experience of ordering items for the past 20 years.

Taxes are calculated as accurately as possible.

You can order by your self or we can OrderIT for you. 

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caribbean study forums APP

An app where you can get quick answers to your syllabus questions anytime!

Our app combines the best of AI and human expertise but your voice matters! Upvote answers you find most helpful

Its tailored specifically for Caribbean students who want to study without constraints! Our app is available 24/7

Join a lively community of learners eager to discuss and give feedback that makes the app better and better over time.

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A simple flash card that that just makes it easy to study. 

Create your own flash cards and upload them to your account. All data is stored on your phone so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

You can even upload images to your flash cards making it easy to keep track of answers to questions you may have found a solution for somewhere.

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Thought-provoking discussions on Caribbean tech scene.

Diverse perspectives from hosts and guests.

Full-length Youtube videos offer in-depth analysis.

Available on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Google & Youtube Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and RSS).

Listen on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Tune in wherever you are in the world.

Discover tech trends and opportunities in the Caribbean.

Hear from local experts and entrepreneurs.

Be part of a growing tech-savvy community.