Questions for a new online shopper

Is this your first credit card and you’re unsure about how to use it? Are you confused by the difference between product weight and total shipping weight? Have you ever been interested in a product only to discover that you had to pay more than expected?

Worried Person in group

The choices confuse you

Worried person staring at a laptop

Do you need a laptop for school but you don’t know what brand to purchase or what specs to include? Do you want to purchase a device for your hobby or work and you don’t know what features to get or maybe you’re shopping for one on a budget?

We can help

From advice on products you can buy to links to any tech devices you need, we can help. We can even order the product for you and have it delivered to your door or set up a place for pick up.


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Be a company that is known for simplicity and effectiveness of IT solutions in the Caribbean.


To make the learning and implementation of technology in the Caribbean Simple by teaching effectively, training thoroughly and designing simply.